Rotary Club of Port Nicholson Bulletin

Wednesday 12 February, 2020

David Shackleton

As always with our Club we have a lot going on. This is especially true for the next month or so. Thanks to Darryl, the High Commissioner for Samoa His Excellency Leasi Papili’i Tommy Scanlan will be visiting and speaking to us on 4th of March. We are going to take this opportunity to present the High Commissioner with the ambulance we are sending to Samoa.

Rick, Darryl, Bev and Tamaris have put an enormous amount of time and effort in securing the ambulance and ensuring it is in the right condition with the right equipment. Our thanks and gratitude go to them for their perseverance and tenacity.

On Wednesday I mentioned we have been asked to sell raffle tickets by the District to raise money for the Children’s Hospital. The District has pledged to raise $400,000 for the naming rights to two family/Whanau rooms in the new hospital. We have already raised $50,000 and hopefully this raffle will raise a further $50,000. The tickets are $5 each and you can win a $7000 in travel voucher as first prize and $3000 worth as second prize. Bill, Joy, Tamaris and I have tickets, so if you would like some please just ask.

Tony Robinson is still looking for help with the Children’s Cancer Appeal on the Saturday 29th of February at Chaffers New World. If you could spare an hour and take a shift collecting, I know Tony and the Foundation will be eternally grateful.

It was great to see David Quinn volunteer to head up our “Jumbo Tennis team”. I am sure David will be recruiting other team members to represent our Club on 6th of March at the Renouf Centre for the Rotary Club of Wellington Jumbo tennis fund raiser. This is destined to be a fun day and I would encourage you to drop by and spur on our team.

Finally, a funeral will be held at 1pm on Tuesday 18th for Gloria Poupard at the Chapel in Karori Cemetery. While Gloria was in the process of transferring to our Club when she died, and was not well known to many members, it would be good for us to recognise her passing.

Have a great week and see you on Wednesday



Speaker's Report

China is challenging 

New Zealand’s former Ambassador to China, John McKinnon told the club China isn’t seeking global domination, but it does want to be the major player in its geographical area and to be strong enough to copy what the United States does.

John was posted to Beijing three times – twice as Ambassador (2001 to 2004 and again in 2015 to 2017). He has also served in Washington, New York and Canberra and as Secretary of Defence. He is regarded as an expert in international security matters.

He saw three phases to the evolution of China as a modern country, The first was isolation after it became a Communist country from 1949 when it shunned the world and was shunned by it; the second under Deng Xiaoping, when it sought to become prosperous, and the current phase where it is seeking to be powerful.

New Zealand was known in China for our scenery and for infant formula. “The new middle class want the best for their children, and New Zealand is seen as the best so they buy our milk powder.”

He noted that New Zealand, along with many other countries, had a real problem balancing the need to trade with China for their own prosperity while also getting along with the United States which still represented security for much of the world.

“Our task is to try and keep that compatibility (between two conflicting goals) going smoothly.” It wasn’t easy as the controversy over the use of Huawei products showed.

The Chinese view was that if the United States can do something, then why can we. They don’t necessarily want to step into America’s shoes, but it was about their standing reflecting their status and aspirations,” John said.

John Bishop

Club Reporter

Child Cancer Appeal
Saturday 29 February
Collection for Child Cancer 
The Club is collecting for the Child Cancer Appeal on
The Club is collecting for the Child Cancer Appeal on Saturday February 29. Our station will be the Chaffers New World from 9am to 5pm. Tony Robinson will be supplying us with the identification sashes, buckets etc.
MANY thanks to all those who have already offered to take a shift. If you can do any of the unallocated slots please email Tony and Brenda If the slot allocated doesn’t suit you, please feel free to swap.
Thank you again
Collector 1
Collector 2
9am – 10am
John Bishop
Joy Durrant
Nicci Tong
Tony Robinson
11am – 12 noon
Sue Waldren
David Barnes
12 noon – 1pm
Anne Hare
Bev Wells
2pm – 3pm
David Shackleton
Sheryn Shackleton
3pm – 4pm
Jill Robinson
4pm – 5pm
Tony Robinson
Peter Whittington
Dinner with Ben Baker
Save the date of Monday 2 March 6.30pm Wellington Club for a special performance Dinner Date with Ben!
Back in New Zealand on a flying visit to play the Sibelius Violin Concert as soloist with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra on 29 February, Benjamin Baker is squeezing in a dinner performance for his supporters from the Wellington Club and the Rotary Club of Port Nicholson and invited guests. He will be joined by Justine McCormack, other special guests and pianist Julie Coulson. There will be solo violin works by Bach, Kreisler, Paganini and a beautiful violin duo by Shostakovich with Justine, followed by a fun item or two!
The evening will begin at 6.30m with a drink, followed by a delicious 3 course meal, interspersed with brackets of music and hearing Ben talk about his already illustrious international career and exciting plans for a new programme in the Southern Lakes, Chamber Music at the World’s Edge.
He will mingle at the end so that people can engage more with this outstanding and delightful locally born musician. More information can be found here.
Tickets $90
Book now! Contact Nicholas Duncan
Please include names of all guests and any dietary requirements
Bank into Rotary Club of Port Nicholson Account No: 03 0502 0132476 00
Queries to Dawn Sanders M: 027 283 6016, NZ Agent for Ben Baker
Early notification that the annual Round the Vines run/walk will take place on Saturday 21 March 2020.  I have booked Keith's place in Martinborough for the weekend, so we will finish with a BBQ there after the event.  Thanks Keith for allowing us to recuperate at your place.  Either keep or start training over the festive break to ensure you are in peak physical condition for this event.  It is a lot of fun with both competitive and very social runners and walkers welcome. The drink stands around the course are all themed and serve a range of beverages that include "water".  More details in the New Year.
Peter Whittington
Feb 26, 2020 7:00 AM
Office of Film & Literature Classification
Mar 04, 2020 7:00 AM
High Commissioner of Samoa
Mar 11, 2020 7:00 AM
House of Grace
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Upcoming Events
Rotary Weekly Meeting 26 February
The Wellington Club
Feb 26, 2020
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Karori Rotary Business Breakfast - May Andy Foster
Karori Park Cafe
Feb 27, 2020
7:15 AM – 8:30 AM
Dinner with Ben Baker
The Wellington Club
Mar 02, 2020
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Social Get Together - Tuesday 3 March
Carter Observatory
Mar 03, 2020
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Zealandia Working Bee
Mar 14, 2020
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Martinborough Round the Vines Fun Run and Walk
Mar 21, 2020
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Goal Setters Awards 2020
Mar 30, 2020
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Rotary Weekly Meeting 1 April 2020
No meeting at Wellington Club this week.
Apr 01, 2020
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Social Get Together - Friday April 3
Thistle Inn
Apr 03, 2020
6:30 PM – 10:00 PM
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Goalsetters Award  Monday
30 March 2020
There has been an amazing response this year as there has been over
50 applications. Interviews have taken place and awardees selected.
Richard Brodie 
027 439 2424


Club Support for Refugee Settlement in

The Club is again looking to help the settlement of a refugee family arriving in Wellington, in co-ordination with the Anglican Cathedral, and our Interact Club. The Club would like to invite club members to help provide dry pantry items for the next refugee family of six.

We are provided with a list of 20 items to source for the refugee family's pantry pack. The next family will be arriving in February (with goods needed by 23 February), so if you would like to take part, let me know and I will allocate the items between those interested, and arrange to collect the items at the club meeting on 19 February, or at the meeting on 5th February.

Thank you.

Marc Rands

RCPN Community Service Team

Liam McGuire at the Underground Markets 
As a third-year Film Production student most people wouldn’t expect me to be someone busking for my main source of income, but from a hobby-to a job in the last 5 years it has been one of my favourite endeavours.

As someone focusing predominantly on old blues and classic rock I am constantly trying to expand my skill-set, style and set list for my performances. Drawing from inspirations like Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen my vocals are often described as husky or gritty, getting a bit more grunge than you’d expect from a 20 year old from Hamilton.

While I don’t have a predominant online presence or recordings of my music you can find me on Cuba Street most weekends, or contact me at for further inquiries if you’d like to organise live music for an event.

Something to diary for 2020...…...
Our Charity Auction Dinner and Quiz will be held on Friday
1 May 2020
For our Charity Auction Dinner and Quiz we'd love contributions for our......
Cashed in HOT POINTS/FLY BUYS gifts
RE-GIFTING – those gifts you know you’ll never use!
             MOVIE Tickets/Vouchers
MENS and WOMENS Gift Vouchers
HAIRDRESSING accessories/vouchers
Bring to Rotary over the
next  few weeks or
contact Paula 021 398 145 .......................................
What happens when a cop gets into bed?
He becomes an undercover cop!
A very panicky Emma bursts into her brother's bedroom and shakes him awake, "Jeremy, come quick, there's a mouse squeaking under my bed!!!"
Jeremy yawns, "and what the heck should I do?
Oil it?!
 Duties for 12 February
Desk:    David Barnes
Greeter: Tamaris Livera
Opening Thought: Nick Duncan
Happy Dollars:  Anne Hare
Introduction: Andre Lategan    
Thanking: Dawn Sanders
Parting Thought: Rob Whitney
Club Reporter: Brenda Lazelle

Predator Free Waterfront Servicing Schedule
We’ve caught our first rat! Dave and I found a very dead rat in Trap 103 during servicing on Monday.

As we have now completed our first trapping quarter we intend to do a review of the programme and all Club members input is welcome. A date will be advertised once our WCC partners confirm their availability. We also hope to hold another WCC Trapper Induction to enable new trappers to join our Servicing Team. 
Week Ending (Sunday)
Volunteer 1
Volunteer 2
Feb 9
Brenda Lazelle
Dave Lazelle
Feb 16
Noel Winsloe
Steve Lawton
Feb 23
Bev Wells
Bill Day
Mar 1
Paula McKnight
Jeff Lee
Mar 8
Jenny Flannigan-Tong
 Howard Tong
Mar 15
Noel Winsloe
Peter Whittington
Mar 22
David Shackleton
Richard Brodie
Mar 29
Brent Gerrard
Dennis Small
April 5
Marc Rands
Jeff Lee
April 12
Jenny Flannigan Tong
Howard Tong
April 19
Richard Brodie
Bill Day
April 26
Brenda Lazelle
Dave Lazelle
May 3
Marc Rands
Dennis Small
Please note: I have used Sunday as the service day for the week, but feel free to negotiate an alternative day to suit with your Service Volunteer Partner. If your allocated day doesn't suit please swap. Text Fraser Ebbett (WCC) 021 765 694 when you arrive and leave the site.

Brenda Lazelle